Kentucky Seniors Losing Prescriptions to Theft

Nov 30, 2012

Law enforcement officials in Kentucky say they are becoming increasingly concerned by the theft of medications from elderly patients. Although exact numbers on the drugs being taken aren't available at this point, Van Ingram of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy says such reports are coming from across the Commonwealth.

Dr. Bill Pfohl of the WKU Psychology Department says some senior citizens may be more adversely impacted by such thefts than other members of the public. He says elderly patients who have their medications stolen may be afraid to report the theft, because they might fear  they will be moved from their home if it appears they can't manage their pills. 

Jeff Hancock, a Police Instructor at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, Kentucky, says pain medications are among the most commonly stolen items. Hancock says authorities have even received reports that cancer medications have been stolen from elderly patients.

Medications stolen