Kentucky Transpark Gets CSX Certification

Mar 27, 2012

CSX has certified Lot 6 of the Kentucky Transpark as a Select Site, one of only five in the country to be considered the best manufacturing properties in the 23 states in which CSX operates. CSX introduced Select Sites as a new program to provide customers a simple way to access certified, rail-ready properties for a variety of industrial uses.

The criteria for certification includes infrastructure and utility availability, environmental reviews, proximity to highways or interstates and appropriate zoning and entitlement. The certification denotes projects along the CSX network that can move forward rapidly because all known risk factors have been identified and potential problems resolved.

In presenting  the award, consultant Jonathan Gemmen credited the Intermodal Transporation Authority and the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce with the foresight to complete all the necessary homework early in the process.

"When companies are looking to relocate, time is important and they don't want to make a mistake," he said. "Having all due diligence already done assures them they can build their building quickly."

Bowling Green mayor Bruce Wilkerson called the Transpark a "landmark in the community" and spoke of railroads' importance to the Bowling Green area dating back to the 1850's.