Kentucky Tri-Modal Transpark

Bowling Green – Some opponents of the Kentucky Tri-Modal Transpark have released documents that they describe as a "smoking gun" about the transpark project. A report prepared last spring for ITA consultants Landrum and Brown concludes that there has been inadequate assessment of the floodplain situation at the proposed site. Transpark opponent Andrew Parsley is a member of the Warren County Planning Commission, which narrowly approved a zoning change for the transpark site in May. He says the Planning Commission should have had access to the information in the consultant reports. According to Parsley, the consultant reports were completed more than two months before the Planning Commission voted on the issue.

But, ITA President, Dan Cherry says the reports are designed to identify areas of concern. He says it's not surprising that such a study would identify aspects of the project that need additional research. Cherry believes any comments about a so-called "smoking gun" are unfounded. The Transpark project is a proposed 4,000 acre development in Warren County. Supporters, who believe the development would bring high-tech jobs to the region, say the transpark would eventually include truck, train, and jet traffic. Opponents say the project poses serious threats to the south-central Kentucky region, especially Mammoth Cave National Park.