Kentucky's New Driver's License Comes to Warren County

Sep 13, 2012

The Warren County driver's license bureau is shut down Thursday while technicians install new computer software and cameras for the state's new high-tech card. Warren County becomes one of the state's first large counties to get the new card as technicians work from west to east across the state.

The new license has multiple layers of new security features, all linked to each other, so counterfeiters need to compromise several technologies, not just one.

Warren County Circuit Clerk Pat Goad says even her office wasn't told of all the new changes but they include a digital watermark invisible to the human eye, bank note level fine line printing, improved dual side lamination for greater tamper resistance and durability and a hologram with a single color, ultraviolet ghost image.

Starting in the fall, new licenses will also feature "veteran" and "organ donor" designations.