KY Congressmen React To Forest Sale

Louisville, KY – Some Congressional lawmakers from Kentucky are reacting to a Bush administration proposal to sell off thousands of acres of national forest land. The plan includes selling 4,500 acres in the Daniel Boone National Forest.
Representative Ben Chandler, a Democrat, says the proposal is "misguided and shortsighted". Chandler's 6th district includes a small piece of the Boone Forest in Estill and Powell Counties.
Republican Representative Hal Rogers says Congress is at the beginning of the budget process and it's clear that the issue will require further discussion. Rogers represents Kentucky's 5th district, which includes a large portion of the forest.
Others say they're reserving judgement until they find out more about the proposal.
Republican senators Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning said through their spoesmen that it's too soon to comment.
The plan would raise $800 million over five years so the government can continue its payments for schools and roads in counties with forest holdings.
The payments are meant to help make up for a loss of property tax revenue and a decline of timber sale receipts.