Lambert's Appointee's Blog Questioned

Frankfort, Ky – A lawyer who is Chief Justice Joseph Lambert's new chief of staff and general counsel posted a personal blog on the internet last year that is now raising some eyebrows.
He outlined his personal opinions about Democrats, gay marriage and other subjects.
In his new position, 27 year old Jason Nemes will help the chief justice as he operates the state-wide courts sytem and issues opinions that define Kentucky law. Nemes is a former aide to then-Congressman, now Governor Ernie Fletcher and a graduate of Western Kentucky University.
He says people create web sites out of a sense of entertainment and say some things to be provocative or to get a response.
Nemes' postings included "Democrats Are Anti-American" and Does A Fetus Feel Pain?" before he discontinued the blog. Lambert and the other six justices are supposedly non-partisan, unlike the Governor and the legislature, and the court's ethics rules prohibit them and their employees from showing bias.