Law Enforcement Expert Weighs in on Anniversary of Bardstown Officer's Murder

Jun 25, 2013

Tuesday marks one month since a Bardstown police officer was ambushed on the job and those responsible have not been caught. 

Officer Jason Ellis was shot several times May 25th while removing tree limbs from a Bluegrass Parkway exit ramp in Nelson County.  The case remains unsolved, despite enlisting the help of multiple police agencies. 

Alex Payne is a retired Kentucky State Police Sergeant who now works as a law enforcement specialist with the Kentucky League of Cities.  He says it's a trying time as investigators work on behalf of one of their own.

"There is and will continue to be a lot of emotion involved in this case," says Payne.  "In reality, there's a separation between what we want and the time it may actually take, and that's not unusual when investigating homicides."

As with any case, Payne says the longer it goes on, the harder it will be to solve.  Complicating the investigation is the fact there were no witnesses to the ambush nor did Officer Ellis' cruiser have a camera.

"Those are hinderences to closure in this case, but that doesn't mean that the case won't be closed.  People know things, people talk.  There are things revealed over time from anonymous tip lines to somebody giving information to somebody else.  There are all kinds of ways that law enforcement receives information that will eventually help and possibly solve cases," explains Payne.  "At some point in time, and I'm praying along with everybody else, that will happen in this case."