Lawmakers Say Deal on Budget Still Likely

Bowling Green, KY – Speaking at a legislative round-table in Bowling Green,
four members of the Kentucky General Assembly
expressed optimism that an agreement on the
state budget is likely. The lawmakers attended a
Chamber of Commerce forum.

Senator Brett Guthrie, a Republican from Bowling Green,
says the upcoming Conference Committee work on the
budget should result in the "best portions" of the House
and Senate versions being preserved. House Speaker
Jody Richards also sounded confident that a consensus
could be reached. However, Richards did say the state
needed to do more to adequately fund enrollment growth
at state universities.

State Representative Steve Nunn of Glasgow said this
has been one of the most trying legislative sessions
he has attended. But Nunn also said he is hopeful that
lawmakers will put the good of the public ahead of politics
in the closing days of the session. Representative
Roger Thomas of Warren County said there is more
bi-partisanship than many people realize, and he stressed
the need for conferees to understand that they must be
willing to compromise.