Lawyers Have Nine More Days to Submit Case Law in Goodrum Case

Bowling Green, KY – The special judge presiding over the dormitory fire
murder case in Bowling Green is giving attorneys
nine more days to submit case law, regarding the
question of whether he is bound by previous rulings
against providing bond in the case. The previous
bond rulings came from Judge Joseph Huddleston,
before special judge Tom Castlen was assigned to
the case.

Judge Castlen heard testimony yesterday from the mother
of defendant Lucas Goodrum, who is charged with murder,
rape, and arson in connection with the May, 2003 death of
WKU student Katie Autry. Goodrum's mother, Donna Dugas,
offered to post her Texas ranch to assure that her son would
appear for trial. Dugas told the court her ranch was appraised
last year for ten million dollars. The defendant's mother had
also written a check for one hundred thousand dollars, which
she said she was willing to post immediately for her son's

Judge Castlen says he is concerned about "fundamental fairness"
because the trial has been delayed until next March, through
"no fault of the defendant."

Autry died at Vanderbilt Hospital in May of 2003, after being
assaulted in her dormitory room. Stephen Soules has already
entered a guilty plea in the case and is expected to testify
against Goodrum.