Legal Loophole For Release Of Juveniles

Covington, KY – A prosecutor says the release of a teenage girl from a juvenile detention center without her family's knowledge is proof that the applicable state law is flawed.
The law allows a juvenile arrested for a minor traffic violation to be bailed out by anyone 18 or older.
In a recent case, a 17 year old girl being held in northern Kentucky's juvenile detention center was released to a 31 year old female acquaintance. The girl's mother thought her daughter was still being held in the detention center.
The mother, Petra ViVeros, was outraged but officials say nothing illegal was done.
Pete Roush is the chief juvenile prosecutor for the Kenton County attorney's office. He says the case highlights a "gaping hole" in kentucky law governing juveniles. He calls it "poor legislation at it's best". Roush adds that the law isn't protecting juveniles anymore