Legislative Task Force Hears about Foreclosures in Kentucky

Aug 29, 2012

The General Assembly’s House Task Force on Foreclosures has been meeting this week in Frankfort, to get updated information on the national foreclosure situation  and its impact in Kentucky.

Representative Joni Jenkins chairs the Task Force, which heard testimony about some of the problems associated with foreclosures. A code enforcement officer from Bellevue testified that the cost to local governments continues to rise because of abandoned properties. The abandoned houses are creating problems in several parts of the state, including safety concerns, environmental concerns, and devaluation of property values.

Almost one half of the foreclosures in Kentucky have been occurring in the Louisville/Jefferson County area.  Task Force Chair Representative Jenkins, who is a Democrat from Jefferson County, says she hopes the group will be able to develop a blueprint to offer solutions or suggestions for the foreclosure problems in the Commonwealth.

The Task Force will meet again in Frankfort on October first.