Marathon Ashland Petroleum Says Some Gas Contained Sulfur

Ashland, KY – A statement from Marathon Ashland Petroleum may have solved the
mystery of the fouled up fuel gauges in the Louisville area. The statement
indicates that some regular grade gasoline delivered to the company's
Kramer Lane distribution facility passed all industry standard tests, but
"contained trace amounts of elemental sulfur."

The statement adds that this form of sulfur may affect gas gauge readings,
with some models of car being more sensitive than others. The company
says both regular and mid-grade gasoline purchased at many retail stores
after May third may contain elemental sulfur. The company maintains that
the sulfur would not affect engine performance.

The market where the bad gas could have been purchased includes
Jefferson, Oldham, and Bullitt counties in Kentucky. In addition, the
questionable gas could have been purchased in Clark and Floyd counties
in Indiana.

A spokesman for Marathon Ashland Petroleum urges motorists who may have
purchased the fuel to monitor mileage and keep their tanks full in case fuel gauge
readings are incorrect.