Marengo, IN Still Recovering

Marengo, IN – Almost a year after tornadoes damaged or destroyed a third of Marengo, Indiana's houses and ripped apart its power grid, the recovery effort is still far from complete.
More than 150 houses and businesses in the town about 35 miles northwest of Louisville were damaged or destroyed by the May 30th, 2004 storm. It packed winds of up to 170 miles an hour and resulted in one death.
More than 150 residents left after the storm and still have not returned.
Church groups, strangers, college athletes and National Guardsmen all came to help the town rebuild. The town's power grid has since been rebuilt and its largest apartment complex is scheduled to reopen soon.
But tarps still cover some roofs and its estimated that repairs will not be completed until early 2007. Twenty homes still need work and 11 require major repairs.