Missing Files In State Hiring Probe

Frankfort, KY – The former executive secretary for ex-transportation commissioner Dan Druen says in a published report why investigators found many empty file folders at Druen's office.
Cheryl Casey says after state investigators were turned away in May for lack of a search warrant, she and Druen began removing records. Three days later, the agents returned to find many empty files.
Casey has told the "Louisville Courier-Journal" DFruen did not want the attorney general's office to see how civil service workers were being chosen on the basis of politics and not qualifications.
Meanwhile, a ruling by the attorney general's office that calls for the release of e-mails both to and from Governor Fletcher has been appealed by the Govenror's office.
A lawsuit filed in Franklin Circuit Court against the "Courier-Journal" and staff writer Tom Loftus, asks for a ruling that e-mails are exempt from release under various exceptions to the Kentucky Open Records Act.
The lawsuit also seeks a ruling from the court that release of the e-mails would be a violation of the separation of powers mandated by the Kentucky constitution.