Mongiardo Debates Without Bunning On KET

Lexington, KY – Democratic Senate candidate Daniel Mongiardo fielded questions from reporters in a forum televised on kentucky Education television Tuesday night.
The public network had invited Senator Jim Bunning to debate Mongiardo in an hour-long format but Bunning declined. The broadcast was then trimmed to 30 minutes.
Mongiardo says Bunning has waged a negative media campaign against him and asked voters to reject it. In a press release after Mongiardo's appearance, Bunning's campaign manager David Young said Mongiardo showed "his true Liberal colors" by endorsing John Kerry for President and said that "Mongiardo lost the debate to himself".
Bunning has yet to debate Mongiardo face-to-face. He participated in a debate broadcast earlier this month via satellite from Washington, DC.
Mongiardo was asked why he's refrained from attacking Bunning back. He called Bunning's mudslinging tactics "reprehensible".