Mysterious Substance Identified

Frankfort, KY – The suspicious substance found in an employee's office of the state's central laboratory in Frankfort Thursday has been identified as animal urine.
Officials with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services say they will let the Kentucky State Police determine how it got there. They have not identified the type of animal involved.
Cabinet spokeswoman Gwenda Bond said the lab is back up and running after it was closed Thursday when a supervisor found the substance in his office upon arriving at work.
Its discovery led to the quarantine of more than a dozen people. Six people had to be decontaminated.
Deputy Health Commissioner Dr. Steve Davis says the liquid had an "unusual odor", and the supervisor put a standard procedure in motion for reacting to spills or other foreign substances at the lab.
Bond says four people had "primary exposure" to the substance and another dozen workers in the office were quarantined because of possible secondary exposure.
With the building evacuated, state officials called in a National Guard mobile hazardous materials laboratory to examine the substance.