NASA Jet Headed to Bowling Green's Aviation Park

Mar 20, 2014

The next addition to the Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling Green will hold special significance to Logan County native and astronaut Terry Wilcutt.

"Not only did Terry Wilcutt himself fly this airplane, but just about every astronaut that any of us have ever heard of has actually flown this very airplane," explains Dan Cherry, Executive Vice President of the Aviation Heritage Park.

The supersonic jet, called a T-38 Talon, was used by NASA for training exercises.  The plane is en route from Arizona to Bowling Green.  Cherry returned this week from Tucson where he oversaw the plane’s disassembly.

"It's been sitting in the desert in an Air Force storage area for about three years.  It's a bit dusty and needs a new paint job, but other than that, it's in excellent condition," adds Cherry.

The dismantled plane will arrive on a flatbed trailer at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport Saturday afternoon.  It will stay in a hangar there while being restored. 

The aircraft was made in 1966 and retired by NASA in 2011.