New Census Bureau Figures Show 16.9% of Kentuckians Under 65 Lack Insurance

Aug 29, 2013

The Census Bureau figures reflect the number of Americans under 65 who lack health insurance.

Newly-released data from the U.S. Census Bureau show nearly 17 percent of Kentuckians under the age of 65 lack health insurance. Those figures are similar to the health insurance outlook in Tennessee and Indiana, as well.

In Kentucky, Daviess County has a relatively low number of those without insurance, at 14.5 percent. Logan County, meanwhile,  has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the state, at 22.3 percent.

The Census Bureau numbers are from 2011, and take into account each state’s residents under the age of 65, looking at all races, genders, and income levels.

You can see the Census Bureau's data in a county-by-county breakdown of Kentucky here.

Tennessee's information is here, and Indiana's can be seen here.

Here are figures reflecting the uninsured from some of the Kentucky counties in our listening area:

*Adair County: 21.4%

*Allen County: 19.5%

*Barren County: 17.5%

*Clinton County: 20.5%

*Cumberland County: 20.2%

*Daviess County: 14.5%

*Hardin County: 15.4%

*Hart County: 18.9%

*Henderson County: 15.8%

*Laurel County: 19%

*Logan County: 22.3%

*Monroe County: 21.4%

*Pulaski County: 18.1%

*Simpson County: 16.3%

*Taylor County: 19.1%

*Warren County: 19.3%