New Lawmaker Wants Job Skills Training for Kentucky Welfare Recipients

Nov 23, 2012

Newly-elected western Kentucky legislators are looking ahead to the 2013 General Assembly session. Third District House representative-elect Gerald Watkins plans to pre-file a bill that would increase job skills training for welfare recipients.

Watkins also wants to reform the state’s criminal justice system.

The dome of the state capitol building in Frankfort
Credit Kevin Willis

“A person arrested for personal possession should not be sentenced to jail or prison. I think mandatory treatment and community service are adequate sentences, and use that excess prison space that this would generate for more violent offenders," says Watkins.

Fourth District House representative-elect Kenny Imes doesn’t plan to pre-file any bills. But he’s eager to help repeal the state’s so-called “double dip” pension system for legislators. Imes also plans to focus on tax reform.

Newly-elected General Assembly members meet in Frankfort in early December for an orientation.