New Report Shows Kentucky High School Grads Not Ready For College

Bowling Green – The number of Kentucky high school students enrolling in college is up. In 2004, 51 percent of students went on to obtain post secondary education. In 2008, 63 percent of high school graduates enrolled in college. Still, Lisa Gross with the Department of Education says a third of those students needed remedial classes. Gross says high schools must do a better job of preparing students for college work.

"Every high school student may not go to college, but every high school student ought to be prepared. The kind of preparation that you get to be successful in college helps in other ways too. So you join the military or you seek employment college preparatory work help students be successful in those areas as well."

The Kentucky Department of Education also reviewed the 2010 class of high school graduates. According to placement test scores and class performance, only 30 percent of the class was prepared for college.