NHTSA Issues Warning about Unsafe Helmets

Jun 14, 2012

Safety experts usually urge motorcycle riders to wear helmets, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging motorcyclists not to wear the 5x5 brand, SA-08 model helmet. That product fails to meet federal head protection requirements.

Federal officials say as many as 14,000 of the helmets in question were imported and sold by Tank Sports, Inc. of California. That company declared bankruptcy without completing a government-requested recall of the headgear.The Safety Administration says that under federal testing, the helmets failed to meet penetration protection requirements. Both the outer shell and inner liner in 75% of the helmets were penetrated in NHTSA safety tests.

The Agency says its unaware of any deaths or injuries involving the recalled helmets, but motorcyclists are advisedĀ  not to use them while riding, and to dispose of them immediately.

Tank Sports, Inc. cited a 2009 downturn in the motorcycle market when it announced it would file bankruptcy late that year.