Nighbert Indicted Again

Frankfort, KY – Acting transportation secretary Bill Nighbert has been indicted for violating the Kentucky whistleblower law and seeking revenge against a public employee.
The indictment was returned Tuesday by the same special grand jury that's investigating hiring practices within Governor Ernie Fletcher's administration. Fletcher pardoned Nighbert and eight others for previous charges. The latest allegation was for actions taken aprtly after that August 29th pardon.
The indictment says the ttarget of Nighbert is Missy McCray. McCray testified Tuesday before the grand jury, shortly before it returned the indictment.
The indictment alleged that between August first and September 16th, Nighbert rejected a supervisor's recommendation that McCray get an award for superior work because she testified to the grand jury.
Also the indictment says Nighbert told McCray "that if it were twenty years ago, I probably would have come back there and socked you in the mouth".