19 Children Removed from Unfit Warren County Home

Jul 3, 2012

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office plans to file criminal charges against a couple who left 19 children unattended for nearly a week.  A concerned neighbor called police Monday night to check on the children, who ranged in age from eight months to 14 years. 

The home contained bugs and animal feces, and had no food or air conditioning. 

"The adults that live in the residence said they had a family emergency and went next door last Wednesday and said 'Hey, can you check on these kids every now and then?'  Since then, they've not shown back up in Kentucky.  They've given several different excuses like the vehicle breaking down and family issues, and they said they just couldn't get back, said Detective Sergeant Tim Robinson.

When contacted by phone Tuesday, the couple, Irving Smith and Jackie Farrah, said they were in Michigan and would return home later in the day.  The 19 kids were placed in foster care.  Some of the children belonged to the unmarried couple from previous relationships while others were extended family members.  Nine dogs and a cat were also removed from the home and taken to a shelter.