October Marks the Start of the Peak Season for Deer Collisions

Oct 6, 2012

About 150 Americans are killed each year in car accidents involving  deer collisions. Safety experts say white-tailed deer are also linked to accidents which injure tens of thousands of motorists.

Claims data from Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance indicates that the Bluegrass state last year nearly doubled the national average of 14 deer collisions per one thousand drivers for the month of November.  During that  month  alone, the company’s customers filed more than four million dollars worth of claims for accidents involving deer.

The peak season for these collisions runs from October through December, which is the peak mating season for the animals.  Motorists are advised to notice deer crossing signs and to slow down immediately if a deer is spotted on our near the road. Deer are most commonly found along roadways in the early morning and evening hours.