Oil Leaks Into Kentucky River

Carrollton, KY – An oil slick that formed from a leak in a 22 inch diameter crude oil pipeline near the Kentucky River is moving northward.
The apparent source of the leak is placed by Sunoco Logistics about 50 feet
from the north bank of the river near Carrollton. Earlier reports placed the origin of the leak in Owen County. The pipeline sends crude oil from the Gulf Coast to refineries in the Toledo, Ohio area.
Officials say the odor was strong, but there were no ill effects and no evacuations have been necessary.
There are apparently no communities with water intake downstream from the slick, but Stacy Floden of the Kentucky Division of Emergency Mangement says booms are being gathered in an effort to halt the slick's progress.
Bill Osborne of Carrollton Utilities says the city of Carrollton uses ground water and does not pump water from the Kentucky River. The oil slick is not expected to cause major problems for fish.
Mark Marraccini of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says that given the time of the year and the fact the oil is so thick and is probably going to float, there may not be much of a fish kill. He adds, though, that doesn't mean it won't affect water fowl or some other kinds of wildlife along the river.