Oil Spill Cleanup Continues

Carrollton, KY – Cleanup crews have made headway in containing an estimated 63,000 gallons of crude oil that seeped into the Kentucky River from a ruptured pipeline. A huge oil slick has moved within two miles of the Ohio River, but Sunoco Logistics officials say booms have it contained at three different points. So far, none of the oil has entered the Ohio River.
It was not immediately clear what caused the rupture of the underground pipeline early Wednesday. It carries up to 195,000 barrels of crude daily from the Gulf Coast to refineries in northwest Ohio. Governor Fletcher flew over the spill and met with officials involved in the cleanup. He said he was pleased with the initial response by the pipeline's owners and operators.
The spill did not threaten and drinking water supplies along the Kentucky River and posed no public health risk. Some wild geese were found affected by the oil and were being cleaned by Fish and Wildlife representatives.