Overweight Trucks Legislation

Frankfort, KY – The state transportation committee chairman says a bill dealing with overweight trucks could still come up for a vote this week.
The bill would allow more trucks carrying natural resources to weigh in at 60 tons. Currently only coal trucks are allowed an exemption to exceed the state's 40 ton limit. Certain roads are certified for the heavier trucks.
A pending Pike County lawsuits challenges the constitutionality of the exemption.
State senator Breet Guthrie, a Bowling Green Republican, says his committee was planning to consider the plan Thursday. Guthrie says officials in Bowling Green, Lexington and Louisville were concerned the plan could bring heavy truck traffic to their areas.
He says they're trying to address the disparity beweeen coal trucks and others, while not creating any more "extended weight roads".
Guthrie says a committee hearing could come Friday.