Owensboro Area Program Offers Students a Chance to Get Associate's Degree with High School Diploma

May 26, 2017

Graduates of the Early College program at the Owensboro Community and Technical College include Kathryn Feldpausch, Leah Fulkerson, James Howard, Tyler Sovar, Riley Roth and Aliyah Burden. Graduates not pictured are Trinity Washington, Ally Richards and Ellen Braden.
Credit Owensboro Community and Technical College

An Owensboro area program that gives students a chance to earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree - at the same time - is expanding.

The Early College program at Owensboro Community and Technical College had its first three graduates in 2016 and 10 graduates this year.

OCTC Early College Coordinator Karen Miller said 32 high school students are on track to get both their diploma and associate's degree next year. She said the program offers students a transition time.

“It puts them in those general education classes and they get exposed to college, but they have the resources that they’ve had throughout high school.”      

Five school districts are participating in the program – Owensboro Public Schools, as well as schools in Daviess, Hancock, McLean and Ohio counties.

Miller said the program gives students a jump start on college and is likely growing in popularity as students and parents see the advantages.

“You know, they’re home with Mom and Dad or guardians, and they’re also still held accountable at their high school, so it kind of really works as a transition period.”

Students pay about $50 per credit hour and usually take 15 hours of classes to earn the associate’s degree.

Owensboro Community and Technical College has a Pell Experiment program that allows high school students to apply for Pell grants to pay for the courses.