Owensboro Bridge Money Contained in House-Passed Bill

Mar 16, 2012

The two-year transportation budget passed by the Kentucky House Friday includes money to repaint the Glover H. Cary Bridge that connects Owensboro to southern Indiana. Daviess County Representative Tommy Thompson confirmed to WKU Public Radio this morning that the roads plan that passed the House contains $8.5 million for the bridge paint job, which is half the amount needed for the project.

Under an agreement between Kentucky and Indiana, the Cary Bridge is a joint responsibility, and therefore each state would have to agree to pony up money for the project.

Representative Thompson told WKU Public Radio he’s confident Kentucky’s contribution to the effort will remain in the roads bill once it’s taken up by the state senate in the next two weeks. Still, Thompson says Indiana’s current transportation funding measure doesn’t include money for Cary Bridge painting for another three or four years.

Owensboro political and business leaders have been pushing for accelerated work on the project, to alleviate what many in the area view as a major eyesore.