Owensboro School to Host New Veterinary Program

Aug 14, 2012

Owensboro Community and Technical College is filling a need in the field of veterinary medicine. The school on Tuesday announced a $475,000 grant to establish a two-year veterinary technician program.  

State Representative Tommy Thompson of Owensboro says it’s one of the fastest growing fields in Kentucky.

“The community college recognized that need and that void, and as a result, conducted a survey of veterinarians in western Kentucky to actually assess the needs for such a program,” says Thompson. “Over 90% of those who responded said that an accredited vet tech program would certainly be an asset to their practice.”

Some of the veterinarians surveyed said they’ve had to turn to Indiana and Tennessee to fill vet tech jobs. OCTC is the first community college in the state to offer an associate degree in veterinary technology. Previously, the two-year program was available only Murray State University and Morehead State University. The Owensboro program is being funded through state coal severance money.