Patton Commutes Death Sentence of Convicted Murderer

Frankfort, KY – On his final day in office, Kentucky Governor Paul Patton
has commuted the death sentence of convicted murderer
Kevin Stanford. The U-S Supreme Court had used
Stanford's case to uphold the death penalty for murderers
as young as seventeen. However, Patton said he
considered the death penalty to be an injustice for a
criminal who was not yet an adult at the time of the crime.

Stanford was convicted of murdering Baerbel Poore,
a single parent who was working nights at a Louisville
gas station. The 1981 robbery, rape, and murder netted
143 dollars in cash, 300 cartons of cigarettes, and two
gallons of gas.

As a result of Patton's commutation, Kevin Stanford's
sentence has been changed to life in prison without