Police Launch Sex Offender Sweep in Western Kentucky

May 21, 2012

Starting Monday, law enforcement will be knocking on the doors of registered sex offenders in Daviess and Henderson counties, checking whether they are in compliance with terms of their release.

"There's a bunch of different factors that can make someone non-compliant and that's really determined case by case.  That's the unique thing about this.  We will have Kentucky State Probation and Parole with us and they will have every case file to determine if that person is deemed compliant or non-compliant based on their individual circumstances," said Kentucky State Police Public Information Officer Corey King.

Law enforcement does random checks, but Operation Yellow Banks will reach out to the entire sex offender registry in those two counties.  Police will hit every home this week, and if contact can't be made, and investigation will be launched.  Daviess County has about 140 registered sex offenders while Henderson County has about 70.