Poll: McConnell Expands Lead over Grimes in Kentucky Senate Race

Sep 2, 2014

Credit Offices of Sen. McConnell and Sec. Grimes

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell maintains a slight lead in his bid for re-election, according to a new poll of 647 registered voters in Kentucky.  The five-term GOP incumbent is trying to fend off a challenge from Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. 

The Bluegrass poll conducted for the Courier-Journal, Herald Leader, and other media outlets in Louisville and Lexington gives McConnell a four-point lead over Grimes.  The Senate Minority Leader was up two points in a poll taken last month. 

The Grimes campaign said it was pleased with the numbers two months ahead of the November election, noting McConnell’s advantage, while slightly expanding, is still within the margin of error.

According to the poll taken last week by Survey USA, McConnell holds a significant lead among the 35-64 age group while Grimes has an edge among young voters.  McConnell enjoys the lead in eastern and western Kentucky and Grimes attracts the most support in the state’s urban areas, including Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky. 

This latest poll comes a week after some embarrassing moments for both nominees.  Grimes faced accusations of campaign finance violations over the rental of her campaign bus.  McConnell’s campaign had to contend with secret recordings and the resignation of his campaign manager.