Rand Paul Admits GOP House Takeover in Kentucky Will Be Difficult

Oct 30, 2012

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul showed support for GOP state House of Representative candidates Tuesday at the Republican Headquarters in Paducah. The Bowling Green Republican says he believes his party has a chance at winning a majority in the state House. However, Sen. Paul admits that will be a tough feet to accomplish.

“It would be extraordinary. You know, we have to take 10 seats. That might be the biggest victory we’ve had in a long time, but the top of the Democratic ticket’s not very popular in Kentucky right now," said Sen. Paul.

Kentucky’s House Democratic leaders say they are confident they will maintain control of the House following Tuesday’s elections.

One of the most closely-watched House races in the state is in the 16th district, which covers Logan and Todd counties. Democratic incumbant Martha Jane King is trying to hold off a challenge from Republican Chris Hightower, who served as Rand Paul’s first campaign manager.