Rand Paul Advocates Republican Takeover of Kentucky House

Jun 2, 2014

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY

Republicans think this may be the year to take the reins of the Kentucky House of Representatives. 

Democrats hold a 54-46 advantage in the House, their slimmest majority in decades. 

U.S. Senator Rand Paul stumped last week for several western Kentucky GOP House candidates.  At a stop in Bowling Green , he said control by one party since 1921 does a disservice to Kentucky.

"We have to compete with other states and I think we're somewhat at a disadvantage right now with Tennessee and Indiana," claimed Paul.  "They've had more innovations with education, prevailing wage, their income taxes are lower, and they're  out-competing us.  I think it would be good for Kentucky to think about whether or not we have another party in charge."

Senator Paul is planning a fundraiser this summer for Jenean Hampton of Bowling Green who’s challenging long-time Democratic State Representative Jody Richards.