Rand Paul Decides to Postpone Vote on Foreign Aid to Pakistan

Jul 26, 2012

Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator is delaying his call for a vote on ending American aid to Pakistan. Bowling Green Republican Rand Paul says he’s only putting off the vote because Islamabad has postponed Doctor Shakil Afridi’s appeal of the life sentence given to him by a Pakistan court.

Afridi is the Pakastani physician who helped the U.S. locate and kill Osama bin Laden in May, 2011.

Senator Paul says he’s willing to see if Pakistan reconsiders punishing Afridi for helping the U.S.

“We will have this vote,” says Sen. Paul. “I threatened to have the vote this week, but I’m going to delay it one month, to see if he’s still safe in a month.”

Senator Paul says U.S. taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be sent to Pakistan if they punish Afridi. Opponents of Paul’s efforts say they are further complicating already strained ties between Washington and Islamabad.