Rand Paul Wishes Kentucky Had a Bigger Say in Presidential Primaries

Apr 5, 2012

Kentucky’s junior US Senator says he regrets the Bluegrass State doesn’t have a more high-profile role in the ongoing GOP presidential primary. Bowling Green Republican Rand Paul says he wouldn’t be opposed to seeing if Kentucky could move up on the primary calendar.

“However, this time it’s not decided, so the Republican primary does make a difference," said Sen. Paul. Interestingly, last time when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came to Kentucky it still wasn’t decided. So you’re right, most of the time we don’t have as much influence as earlier states. Moving up might help us. But this time it will make an impact. Romney can’t get to 1,144 (delegates) without continuing to win states.”

Sen. Paul is the son of Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Sen. Paul says he won’t be surprised if some of the candidates come to Kentucky in May.

When asked by WKU Public Radio if he would be willing to support Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate, Sen. Paul said he would—quote—“support whoever the Republican nominee is.”

Paul adds he won’t be surprised if supporters of his father, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrinch try to use their delegate leverage to influence the platform at the Republican National Convention in August.