Recanvasses Uphold Slim Victories in Western Kentucky House, Senate Races

Nov 15, 2012

A recanvass of votes does not change the outcome of a state House race in western Kentucky. Election officials in Daviess, Union, and Henderson counties re-calculated votes Thursday and the outcome revealed the same margin of victory for the incumbent. 

Democrat John Arnold of Sturgis won re-election November 6th against Republican challenger Tim Kline of Owensboro. It was a five-vote margin of victory, so Kline requested a recanvass. 

Vote totals were tallied again, and the outcome was the same. Kline tells the Messenger-Inquirer he’s not sure how he’ll proceed. He could request a  more extensive recount, and Kline would be responsible for the cost.

Elsewhere,  Republican Whitney Westerfield of Hopkinsville beat incumbent Democratic Senator Joey Pendleton by just under 300 votes for the seat that covers Trigg, Logan, and Christian counties.  Pendleton says he’s unlikely to continue to contest the election, but will consult with supporters before making a decision.