Record River Levels In Western KY

Paducah, KY – There's a state of emergency declaration at Paducah as the Ohio River swells toward a crest. At least 15 of the city's flood gates are being installed Friday.
More than an inch of rain Thursday contributed to predictions that the river will crest at 49 1/2 feet next Wednesday instead of 47 1/2 feet Monday. Flood stage is 39 feet.
It was expected to be 45.2 feet Friday as the city installs 14 flood gates. Officials say another gate will probably be installed Monday after Ingram Barge moves between 200 and 400 towboat employees' cars parked on teh river side of the floodwall.
There's also a flood warning for the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau and at Thebes.
The National Weather Service reports that due to recent rainfall across the mid Mississippi Valley, water levels are rising again along portions of the river.
The Mississippi at Cape Girardeau is a foot below flood stage, but should rise above flood stage Saturday morning and crest at 36 1/2 feet Monday morning. Flood stage is 32 feet