Records Released For Murray State Fire

Murray, KY – Murray State University records show it knew that fire alarms in Hester Hall dormitory sometimes could not be heard.
That revelation came a year before an arson fire in 1998 killed a student and left another with severe nerve damage.
Records recently released by the school show the University did not request repairs until mid-1998.
The repairs, the records show, were not carried out until after the fire. Murray State released the records as part of a lawsuit settled this summer.
Murray State general counsel John Rall says no evidence proves low alarm volumes in Hester Hall contributed to Michael Minger's death and Michael Priddy's injuries.
Rall said sprinklers may not have saved Minger from the fire.
Police theorized that someone doused carpeting with gasoline and set it on fire on September 18, 1998. After the fire, Murray State embarked on and has completed a $4,000,000 program to install sprinklers in its dorms and has upgraded fire alarm systems.