Regents Approve Mid-Year Tuition Increase

Bowling Green, KY – The governing board of Western Kentucky
University has unanimously approved a mid-year
tuition increase of $200. The new tuition rates
will take effect for classes which start in January.

University President Gary Ransdell says the change
is necessary because state funding has failed to
keep pace with rapid enrollment growth. He
describes Western as the "fastest growing
public university in the state."

University officials say the increased funding will
be used to help reduce class size and to fill about
thirty faculty positions. Ransdell stresses that all
of the money generated by the mid-year increase
will be used to enhance academic quality. The
proposal is called "Its Academics' Turn."

Faculty Regent Robert Dietle says faculty at the
institution support the tuition change. He stresses
that growing enrollment has placed increasing
pressures on faculty members in recent years.

A resident, full-time student at Western Kentucky
University will now pay tuition of $2025 per semester.