Remains Return Home After 50 Years

Bowling Green, KY – Private Henry Mathus of Bowling Green no longer is listed as Missing In Action.
He was last seen November 1st, 1950, the day he was to have been sent home from Korea. Now, his remains will be sent to the United States in March. The casket, along with a uniform and Mathus' posthumous medals, will be buried with full military honors in Bowling Green.
Mathus will be buried in Fairview Cemetery alongside his parents and a brother in a plot that already bears a headstone in honor of his memory. The family moved to Michigan from Bowling Green in 1943 and lived in Ypsilanti before arriving in the city of Monroe.
19 year old henry Mathus was among those listed as MIA after invading Chinese overran an outnumbered Army Battalion near the North Korean village of Usan.
About two years ago, the joint POW/MIA accounting command called Robert mathus and told him they might have found the remains of his brother.