Rep. Carney Thanks Responders After Adair County Natural Gas Explosion

Feb 14, 2014

John "Bam" Carney (right) visits with Rep. Ryan Quarles in August, 2013.
Credit Kentucky LRC

Kentucky State Rep. Bam Carney is praising  the actions of emergency first responders for their handling of a natural gas explosion in Adair County that injured two people.

In a speech delivered on the House floor, Carney thanked firefighters and EMT workers for their efforts in responding to a Columbia Gulf gas line explosion that rocked the town of Knifely , which is in Carney’s district.

“One home that was damaged was actually my aunt’s, so it’s right there, and you know, when it hits family -- it’s always important to us but when it hits family it’s a little different. But I want to publicly thank all those folks who, by all accounts, have done an outstanding job: Columbia Gulf, first responders,” said Carney.  “You know, again, sometimes we take all those folks for granted 'til when we need them, so again I want to publicly thank them for what they’re doing in my community.”

Investigators have yet to determine the cause of the explosion.