Report Praises Kentucky Lawmakers Who are Anti-Tax, Anti-Government Spending

Jul 31, 2012

Republicans Jim DeCesare and Damon Thayer are the top two "Defenders of Economic Freedom" in the Kentucky legislature, according to a new report by a pro-business organization. 

Executive Director Andy Hightower says the Kentucky Club for Growth each year publishes a legislative scorecard.

"We take the votes that affect the taxpayers' increases, spending increases, new regulations, new licensing fees, healthcare mandates and those kinds of bills that affect the cost of doing business and living in Kentucky, and score those votes," says Hightower.

The group ranks Jim DeCesare Bowling Green as the top fiscal conservative in the House, followed by representatives Stan Lee, Mike Harmon, and Joe Fischer.  Damon Thayer of Georgetown is ranked first in the Senate for protecting tax dollars, followed by Julie Denton, and Tom Buford.  To view the entire legislative scorecard from the Kentucky Club for Growth, click here.