Search Goes On In Henderson

Henderson, KY – Search crews have resumed their work on the Ohio River at henderson where four men are still missing after a van plunged off a ramp Sunday, drowning two Evansville women.
Another Evansville woman survived.
Henderson police sergeant John Nevels says the four missing men are all henderson residents: 26 year old Michael Sanners, 23 year old Travis Sanners, 21 year old Stephen Parker and 21 year old Quillon Hughes. Parker is identified as a half brother of the Sanners brothers.
Police chief Ed Brady says 26 year old Jamie Rakestraw was sitting in the center back seat of the Ford SUV and was able to get out of the vehicle and swim to shore.
The two confirmed dead are 32 year old Korena Alvira, believed to have been the driver, and Diamond Raimey, also 32.
Brady quotes the lone survivor as saying that after leaving a night spot called "Rookies", the driver, Alvira, missed the turn at Water Street and headed down the boat ramp into the river.