Search Resumes on Barren River for Missing Man

Nov 18, 2013

A man went missing Sunday near these rapids under the Old Louisville Road Bridge in Warren County.
Credit Lisa Autry

The search continues on Barren River in Warren County for a missing swimmer. 

Several witnesses said a white male with dark hair and a beard yelled for help before being pulled under the water near some rapids Sunday afternoon. 

Spokeswoman Deborah Williams with the Warren County Rescue Department says the stormy weather Sunday night suspended rescue efforts.

"It's bad enough to be on the water in rainy conditions, but when you add lightening to the mix, it's really dangerous for our teams to be out there, and then when you get tornado warnings, you've got another issue," explained Williams.

Searchers from the Warren County Rescue Department were back on the water Monday and being assisted by crews from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.  Twenty-four hours after the man went under, Williams says the search will likely become a recovery.