Sen. Rand Paul Buys TV Ads In Two States

Oct 9, 2012

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul is buying TV ads in West Virginia and Florida to promote his plan to withhold foreign aid to countries Paul considers hostile to the U.S. The web site 'Politico' reports Paul will spend well into six figures in both states attacking Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Bill Nelson for voting to continue sending aid to the regimes in Libya, Egypt and Pakistan.

The one-minute spots will be paid for by Paul with money from his political action committee RANDPAC. They'll air on cable and broadcast outlets state-wide in West Virginia and in selected cities in Florida.

Both Manchin and Nelson are up for re-election next month and each has what's seen as comfortable leads over their challengers.

A Paul political strategist says he will continue to raise money and may run additional ads in other battleground states. Paul is widely rumored to be considering a Presidential run in 2016.