Senate Passes Public Records Bill

Frankfort, KY – Legislation which was originally intended to
exempt homeland security-related documents
from open records laws was approved by the
Kentucky Senate. However, the Senate version
of the bill would also exempt donor records at
state universities--- if a donor wants to remain

House Bill 188 was sponsored by Democrat
Mike Weaver of Elizabethtown. The bill originally
protected documents that would aid terrorists
in committing violent acts, such as counter-terrorism

Regarding the Senate's change to the bill, Republican Senator
Robert Stivers of Manchester said some donors
want to remain private, "so they don't become a target
for everyone who wants money."

Democrat Tim Shaughnessy of Louisville questioned the
need for the change to the law. He argued that "not one
donor, under current law, who has requested to remain
anonymous has been made public."

The bill now heads back to the Kentucky House for its