Senator Bunning Reports on Congressional Mission

Bowling Green, KY – U-S Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) believes the
American military presence in Iraq can be significantly
reduced by the end of June. Speaking with reporters
by phone from Kuwait today, Bunning said
U-S officials in Iraq believe progress is being made
in several aspects of the re-building effort, including
work on refineries and utilities. He says "the general
consensus" is that U-S manpower can be reduced
to about one hundred thousand by that point.

Bunning says U-S military officials in Iraq believe
"in-country" Al Qaida members have been
working with "hard core Saddam loyalists" to
carry out attacks on coalition personnel.

Bunning and Georgia Senator Zell Miller met with
Administrator of the Coalition Provisional
Authority Paul Bremer---and military personnel from
their respective states during their congressional
fact-finding trip to Iraq this week.

The two Senators are scheduled to return to the
United States on Saturday.