Senator-Elect Paul Wants Gravy Train To Hit the Brakes

Bowling Green – US Senator-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky says he'll work to end congressional earmarks when he takes office in January. The Bowling Green Republican repeated the pledge Sunday on ABC's "This Week." Kentucky's Senior US Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Hal Roger often rely on earmarks for projects in the Bluegrass state, but Paul says it's a flawed process.

"I do tell people in Kentucky I will argue within the committee process for things that are good for Kentucky and also within the context of a balanced budget. Here's what happens, you go to the transportation committee and they say 'what do you want.' But it should be 'how much do we have.' So we just spend it, and at the end of the day if we don't have it, we either print it or borrow it."

Paul adds that members of his party must also be open to cuts in defense spending and social programs.